Björn Ühss

Founder 22tribes

Björn is founder of the marketing and innovation consultancy 22tribes with offices in London, Barcelona and Cape Town. As Innovation Catalysts 22tribes train corporates and new businesses in implementing and using the lean & rapid experimentation methodology to identify new growth & revenue opportunities and build new features and products.

Björn, originally born in Transylvania Romania, has worked and lived in London, Munich, Vienna, Cologne and Barcelona and has been living a digital nomad lifestyle the last year combining travel with remote work.

Productivity Hacks are not only his passion but also an essential skill to get things done and manage multiple projects while increase personal happiness and becoming a more complete and happier personal being. He has read hundreds of books on self development and implemented also created his own methodology to monitor his progress towards increased productivity and happiness. He is a vedic meditator and sports enthusiast.

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