Bj Pridham

Songwriter & Musician

Bj is a passionate songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia.  He has contributed songs for projects that have impacted the music industry internationally.  His love for music and passion for seeing people succeed will inspire creativity and dare you to dream.  

Bj is a leader managing a team of over 250 musicians and singers, assisting in their training and development. 

For almost 10 years, he has been involved in the music industry both on and off stage, writing and spending time in various production roles using pro tools and logic. 

One of Bj’s greatest desires is to help people.  Music is a wonderful tool that can help people either in private for leisure or for those who dream of being the ones to shape what music will be like in the future.  He seeks on a very personal level to give practical, grounded advice to see people become all that they can be. 

Since the age of 3 Bj has been investing into musicianship and developing the ability to communicate a message through it.  He has the opportunity to travel world each year, touring, playing piano, guitar and singing. 

Having Bj as a lecturer will equip and release the amazing musician inside of you.  

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