Dr. Eoin Ó Conchúir

Founder, Bitesize Irish Gaelic

The Irish language was my first language. It's Ireland's native Celtic language, still spoken in small pockets of Ireland. To start expressing yourself in Irish Gaelic is a deeply personal way of living Ireland’s culture. 

I am the founder of Bitesize Irish Gaelic, and previously created the websites Irish Sayings, Irish Gaelic Translator and Irishionary.

I help you to make it part of your everyday life, to make a real connection with your Irish heritage

If you live outside of Ireland, consider how much more connected you'll be when you do visit Ireland on your dream trip. You'll appreciate Ireland's culture in a much deeper way than the average visitor. You'll also have the chance to say "go raibh maith agat" (thank you) to the locals, to put a smile on their faces.


I attended all my schooling through the medium of the Irish language (yup, even French lessons were in Irish!). I grew up in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland.

In 1995, I put up a "homepage" on the internet. It included a description of my teenage self, and I included a little bit in Irish for fun. Little did I know that that would be the start of my last 20 years!

People around the globe started contacting me about their Irish roots, and about the Irish language. Around 2000, I started a web site called "Irish Sayings" where you could listen to Irish language phrases. Around the same time, I started a forum called "Irish Gaelic Translator".

That forum grew to 400,000 page views per month, with the help of a generous community. Mixing my interest in language and technology, I created Irishionary which was a collaborative Irish dictionary.

Around 2012, I sold those sites. By then, Bitesize Irish Gaelic was running. That's our online program with teacher support, for learning the Irish language in Bitesize pieces. Bitesize Irish Gaelic is growing year-on-year. My goal is to make the Irish language part of your everyday life.

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