Tanmaya Sahoo

Expert Instructor in PHP

I am graduate in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology. I have great programming knowledge and I love PHP, JavaScript, Java, MySQL etc. I currently work for a software company in a full time job. I very much love programming, writing great programs and blogging about it. I love making videos on these subjects. I have many videos live on youtube and I have got quite a number of viewers for them. I hope that I will do the same here. In my four years of college I have learnt great many things. I have a full time job, but still I am very eager to make videos that people like. It is sort of a hobby for me and I love it very much. 

I hope this becomes a success for me. I am very eager to make more videos on different subjects and can't wait to get started. I have been using udemy for quite a while now and I have uploaded some videos also. But I want to go a step further and make some more sophisticated videos in the near future. I also promise my viewers and subscribers that this will be an amazing experience for you to view these videos.