Bill Tran

Designer, Mechanical Engineer, and Software Developer

Currently I am a software developer at a wearable IOT company. I started my career as an Auto Body Mechanic because I loved cars and tinkering with them. Because of my pure interest in building cars I got the opportunity to spent over 10 years building Concept Cars and making Prototypes for Consumer Products. I have built concept cars for Toyota, Scion, Honda, and Mercedes. I have extensive skills and knowledge in creating prototypes and manufacturing. I held position as a Model Maker, Mechanical Engineer (Mold Designer), CNC Programmer and Operator, Mold Maker, Product Designer, Graphic Designer, 3D printing Engineer, and Software Engineer. I am currently a Full-stack Web Developer, specialized in Javascript, Node.js, Rails, Ruby, Ember.js, and React.js at a company that designs and manufactures wearables that connect through the internet of things. I also have worked at Zurb, which is the creators of Foundation, one of the most popular front end web frameworks and well known design firms. I love what I do and I love building things. Whether it's digital or physical, it's all fun for me. I also love learning and teaching.