Bill Schuilenberg, RPC, MPCC, MAC

Personal Growth Expert

Seven years of counselling, coaching and travelling in the Middle East has given me a great respect for the diversity of humanity. While in Kuwait, it was a great privilege to work with many professionals, diplomats, and elite leaders of unique corporations. This international experience has given me a broader perspective on how people think, live and work which has resulted in a deeper level of tolerance for differences and compassion for others. Now back at home in Canada, I am focused on providing personal growth opportunities through my private practice and online courses.

Many people have not trained themselves to work with emotional pressures, stress, or the work/life balance. When you work with me, we will identify the strengths and values that maximize your personal growth and professional potential.

Personal Growth Coaching is for any person who wants to Live Stronger so that they can Work Wiser, and Love Deeper.

Bill Schuilenberg, Personal Growth Expert
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