Bilal Chaudhry

Graduate Mentorship Coach

Hi I'm Bilal. I used to struggle with achieving low 2:1 and 2:2 grades during the first and second years of my degree. I grew tired of getting the same grades no matter how hard I tried on my assignments. That's when I became obsessed with aiming to achieve firsts and began to research heavily for a way of methodically targeting first class grades. I talked to first class graduates from universities far and wide as Staffordshire University, Royal Holloway University of London, Nottingham Trent University and even consulted Lecturers from SOAS University of London. I suddenly formed a clear picture of how to improve myself. This lead to me achieving straight first class grades in every written assignment from there on, including my dissertation!  I decided to share my secrets with students worldwide and have built a course in conjunction with numerous first class graduates from science, law and humanities, outlining all the key secrets and tips to attaining first class grades consistently!

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