Bhuwan Pant

Meditation ,Life Coach and Serial Entrepreneur !

I'm a serial entrepreneur, meditation and life coach and conscious speaker. I am passionate about learning how meditation, visualization, metaphysical and other similar techniques affect human experience.

My Journey of Life

My journey and quest for Spiritual life and Finding Inner piece started when I was 16 year old. I was always fascinated by Indian temples,gurus and Sadhus doing meditation. There I discovered inner power and lot of ancient meditation practices which helped me to find ways to live a successful life in every area of life be it Financial, Relationship, Spiritual and Health . I also took personal coaching and advices on What are the powerful universal forces which influence our life and how to attract success in life using these principles. I am a passionate follower of universal power. I try to find out the energy which kicks me from inside to visit powerful energy places and meet highly energetic people. That’s the power which always forces me to run from one place to another, and I learned a lot from each of my experiences. Whenever i visit those places, I get more uplifted and get more closer to my path, which helps me to find my purpose.

I was courageous enough to apply the techniques in my life without expecting results. My situation was really bad and I wondered why it is happening to me. But I never failed to be positive in every situation. These energies gave me power to fight with every worse situation and I keep following it every time. I was religiously thanking god day in day out to add more power into my life, to give me more signals of coming out of the worse situation.

At that time, I did lot of things consciously and unconscious, but with the passage of time I became more and more stronger. Later on, I connected to a spiritual guru who gave me the real practices to come out of worst situation. From there on, my inner journey started and I came across the inner reservoir of power. Gradually, I learned to transform these energies to all those who are in need of positivity and wellbeing. Later on, inner transformation happened and I entered in family life and there I learned to connect to child energies – a pure form of energy to connect.

My Corporate Life

In order to make my living, I was also living a different life in my corporate world and have worked with top multinationals of India. I had 13years of working experience with giant companies. During my corporate life I connected to lot of good souls and learned remarkably in terms of problems that people face.

Every Individual has a Different Journey

My aim is to help all those who are struggling to apply it, who does not know much, who does not know the missing piece. I thank god for giving me the opportunity to transform these energy to all those who are in need of it.

I want to become a real person; to transform people’s life; share with them experiences of my struggles and journey so that they learn and apply the techniques into their life.

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