5X World Record Athlete Betty Hoops

The Hoop Fitness Coach

 I am excited to share my 20 years of experience in the mind-body wellness field. My programs have been proven as a safe, quick and fun way to relieve stress & chronic pain, detox the body & strengthen and tone every muscle in the body. Mostly, people feel confident, vibrant and energized after hooping with my classes and videos.

The Belly Pump Method is used by fitness trainers, athletes and celebrities as a way to quickly achieve power and agility in the mind and body.

My programs blend techniques from Yoga alignment and breathing, sport training, dance, physical therapy, Quantum Physics and Native American Healing. Many wonder what can be done with a hula hoop aside from either tricks or just standing there and hooping. We practice over 100 cross training moves on the waist, sternum, lower hips and arms.

My style of teaching is unique. Beginners and athletes all notice a quick change in the way they feel and move.  I group the Top 5 Common Mistakes with posture and movement. I'll teach you how to target and correct them in yourself.

This 1on1 style of teaching is as if I am in your living room, showing you how your body is moving wrong and teaching you how to correct it. This retrains the bones, muscles and mind to perform at their best. 

The Betty Hoop has a 99% success rate for people of all ages, sizes and abilities. It is safely weighted at just under 2 pounds, collapses into a yoga mat tote, comes 2 sizes in 1 and is padded! It is called The Idiot Proof Hoop by the thousands who swear that they would never be able to learn until they tried this hoop.  It gently pushes and pulls your hips open and get you to feel your true core power  - from the inside and out!

You are only as good as your gear and there are many hoops to buy that are marketed as fitness but are proven to be too heavy and dangerous or too light and unsuccessful. 

If you are wondering, the records I set for the Guinness Book were for speed and distance Hoop-Running in a 10k road race. I break my time each year and recently broke my distance by Hoop-Running the Hollywood Half Marathon. I also Hoop-Snowboard in Aspen, CO.

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** To order hoops & watch videos go to www.Bettyhoops.com

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