Beth Jennings

Past Leader to 5000 enthusiasts, Author, Photographer

Hi there!

I'm Beth, a real-life photographer and author. In leading over 5000 enthusiast photographers, I've noticed the same technical dramas that beginner photographers experience when they start out with their first manual camera.

They are scared that they might break their camera if they press the wrong buttons, they struggle with photography fundamentals and how to bring them together correctly on their camera in manual mode.

To solve these challenges I've been teaching the left-brained, buttons-pressing Camera Confidence Workshop face to face for five years in a supportive, conversational and hands-on format. I wondered, what do I do, every time I shoot, to get my camera ready?

And so that's what I teach - the easy-to-follow system for setting up your manual camera called the Seven Step Shoot Flow

What they say

'The lesson was very worthwhile and, indeed, I had some good 'aha' moments! From now I will be shooting 'M' as much as possible (and doing this with better understanding)!' Johan

'I had a few of the basics but it was great to bring them all together. I think practice will be the key.' Ange

'I did a workshop with Beth after struggling with reading/practicing the concepts associated with Manual Mode. Beth's personal style and methods of getting these fundamental concepts through to beginners broke through the fog that accumulated in my brain and enabled me to go on to become a fully fledged Manual Moder!! Would recommend this to anyone and thank you!' Shiraz

Some facts about me

I'm a practising professional, real-life photographer with 15 years experience.

I hold a BA (Commercial Art) Photography degree from RMIT University.

I'm an award winning member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and have exhibited internationally. You can check out more about me over at my website.

Enthusiasts also report overwhelm on the computer, struggling with photo management, image enhancement and creative projects. My book 'Memories at your fingertips – organise your digital photos like a pro' helps set them up for a lifetime of digital photography enjoyment on their computer.

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