Bernard Myburgh

Web Developer

I have run my own digital and design company, Explane, for a couple of years. Being the creative director, I have two passions that I pursue and live out in every way possible and that is strategically placing brands and create dynamic websites that complement the brand and carry over the overall feel. So being an expert is definitely a prerequisite when it comes to websites in our field. Knowing almost all the front and back end languages from HTML, CSS and JavaScript to PHP, MySQL, Json and AJAX. But being a strategist it is my job to fine simplicity and I have come to realize that you can create amazing looking and very dynamic websites ,including responsive websites, with just the use of HTML and CSS.

Knowing not everyone is fit to understand more complex languages like e.g JavaScript and PHP, I have set out to find the mark and created a course that hopefully encourages more people to learn programming and help even the least experienced to make a living out of web development industry by just using the basics, HMTL and CSS.

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