Ben Ralph

Engineer & Computer Scientist

Hi! My name is Ben. And I'm passionate about and expert at one and only one thing, and that is: how to make learning experience as intuitive as possible while still maintaining a friendly and creative atmosphere.

Having said that, my set of expertise span a lot of things. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer science. Because of this my areas of interest include Mathematics, core programming languages like C, C++, and the dangerous Assembly Language; web technologies comprising HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and the MySQL database!

I've many years of experience teaching web technologies and Mathematics.

I appreciate the fact that teaching in person is an entirely different phenomenon than teaching online, therefore before developing this course, (that has taken a lottttt of time and effort) I myself went through the training program of online education.

Afterwards, I and my team made sure two things:

1) That our course design, structure, content, and presentation, all make a lot of sense and aren't haphazard.

2) Make sure that we've over delivered what we've promised!

So this is our humble offering of making you the master of the two key web technologies: HTML and CSS. So if you're interested, you're most welcome to the class!