Ben Oberholzer

Web Designer, Marketer And Owner Of AF Design

For the past 6 years Ben has been working for himself, teaching himself awesome skills to help him in his work from home ventures. Knowing absolutely nothing about online marketing, and even less about web design, he knew he had a mammoth task ahead of him. After going through the struggle most online marketers go through when they started out, he decided to take a different approach into acquiring new skills and make it work for him.

Instead of trying to learn everything at the same time, like setting up a WordPress site, sales funnels, list building, seo, driving traffic, coding html and so on, he decided to learn one skill at a time, and master it before moving on to the next. The most profound lesson he learned when times got tough, was how big part mindset plays in reaching his goals, and how important it is to have the right mindset.

Now Ben is taking all the experiences, his success and failures, and he is helping other marketers get ahead in this online world.

A Bit Of History

Ben worked in an Opencast coal mine for a few years, but after deciding that it is not the life for him, he sold everything he had and went abroad. He worked various jobs all over Scotland for two years, like Salmon farms, a waiter, bartender and the likes. When his time there was up, he went to the South of France, hunting for a job on those Luxury Private Yachts. For ten years he cruised the world getting paid by the very rich and then he went back home to start his own business, and the rest as they say is history. His next big goal is to fulfill another lifetime dream, to fly Airplanes.

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