Benny Henning

Mindfulness and Qigong Teacher

Hi I'm Benny, since I was a child I have been practising meditation and guided relaxation techniques as a way to help me calm a racing mind and find more comfort within the body. I found myself fascinated by what could be achieved when attention is focused inwardly.

This fascination lead me on to exploring Buddhism, Taoism and practising Qigong, later qualifying to teach, and holding classes in the UK. 

I continue to be amazed at the stillness I can discover within, and the release I feel, when I practise sincerely, even for 5 minutes. Qigong is a remarkable way to deepen a mindfulness practise and bring it into every cell of the body. 

It has made a world of difference to how I live my life. I hope it does for yours. 

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