Benjamin Chua

Entrepreneur, Investor, Community Leader

When I was 18, I started my investing journey and grew a 4 figure portfolio to 6 figures before I started my first job. I had invested in both growth and dividend stocks as well as reinvested my returns into property.

I then started my career and secured a double promotion within 3 years. In order to pursue my passion, I left my job and became an entrepreneur. In 2014, I sold off one of my companies (a property management platform) and started working on other projects.

Currently, I am also a Community Leader and have devoted more than 8 years in trying to make our community a better place to live in.

The course materials will include live examples of how I invested, how I climbed the corporate ladder as well as how I built my resources to be able to take a dive into the world of entrepreneurship. I will also include snippets of live experience from the people I have encountered during my journey as well as analysis of how you can do better than me.

Learn from my success and pitfalls so that you can excel more than me!