Ben Claremont

360 Photographer. Video producer.

What i love most, is showing the world perspectives of itself it hasn't seen before. 

Hey guys- i’m Ben Claremont, a 360 photographer and video producer from Sydney, Australia. I'm a little obsessed with 360 (incase that was unclear) and have embarked upon a mission to spread 360 as far and wide across the planet as possible (no pun intended!) (ok maybe a little..).

Where it all began..  

After graduating from Sydney Film School in 2008 where I focused on Directing and Cinematography, I was lucky enough to start my creative career traveling the globe and presenting my experimental short films at a number of prestigious short film festivals. It was an experience most 19 year olds would envy and I even bagged a couple of awards too!  I went on to work in freelance video production for most of my twenties, which again took me to all corners of the earth (couldn't resist another 'planet' reference there). Eventually, i reached a point in my life where my strong entrepreneurial tendencies could no longer be held back, and i had no choice but to fuse my passion for creativity with my love of business.   

What I’m up to right now   

After discovering the Ricoh Theta camera in 2014, i fell in love with 360 and a new journey began. With a fast-growing following over on Instagram, i wrote a best-selling book, started a company, and most importantly:  opened up to being infront of the camera instead of behind it. Many months and many twenty-take videos later, we've now produced a huge collection of 360 related video tutorials, which in turn lead us to establishing close relationships with many of the major 360 camera companies, app developers and startups within the 360 industry. The future is bright and i'm crazy excited about all the cool stuff we're bringing to the world this year. (Once more, pun intended)

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