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My Story

I am Ben, and I have worked for a Fortune 500 Company, however I had to realize quite soon that the corporate life was not for me and that I wanted to have more freedom and more control over my time and life. I was always fascinated by Wall Street and the trader's lives, therefore I decided to dive into trading myself. Many people believe that traders are born and trading needs lots of money. The truth is that trading can be learnt and you don't need a fortune to start. Most of the traders become profitable after 6 months, I was started making consistent profit just after 3 months and still am.

It's really a matter of first removing all misconceptions about trading, learning the simple techniques involving both fundamental and technical skills, and finally learning some basic mindsets that you need to have in order to be disciplined and consistent.


Show me a trader who is profitable trading manually, and I show you how much more profitable he could be with Algo-trading.

All major banks, funds and institution execute 90% of their tradings automatically. Are you wondering why? ... Much Faster, More Accurate, 24-hours Available and Removes All Unnecessary Human Emotions.


I am extremely passionate about trading and I am looking forward sharing my experience with you. I was in your place, wondering how to turn my life around...I succeeded, so will you!

If you never try, you'll never know!