Becky Estenssoro

Author and ​Co-Founder of Easy Street Marketplace® Course

Co-Founder Easy Street Marketplace® Training Program

Becky Estenssoro has been self-employed since 1997 and is co-author of the Beanie Mania Series of books, magazines, and newsletters. Becky is a world renowned beanie baby authenticator. Guest speaker on many TV and radio talk shows and featured in numerous publications, including Marketers Gone Wild 2013 World’s Top Marketer’s book.

A successful online seller, selling several million dollars of products on Amazon over the last 6 years, and over 5 figures of merchandise on cyber Monday alone in 2012, Becky has proven herself to be equally successful as a coach to others, and has launched an online training system with Karen Holmes. They are humble and never stop learning, so that they can share their knowledge and help others be successful too. Their course is even university approved, having been introduced into UCLA’s University program for Adult Education.