Beatrice B. Tjondro

ICT teacher at Nanyang Girls' High School.

In NYGH, Content will be delivered less through textbooks/worksheets/ powerpoints; more through engaging and interactive multimedia elements. Also, lessons will be designed to tap on the world-wide web for real-life, authentic examples and applications of knowledge learnt.

Less teacher-directed; more student-centred through a personal mobile learning device that would cater to their individual learning pace and styles. Using collaborative features (e.g. group scribbles, wikis), students will be able to share ideas and provide feedback to each other. Apart from helping to hone their metacognitive ability, such collaboration will help develop their social skills that will stand our students in good stead throughout their school and working life.

The use of personal mobile learning devices will help facilitate bi-directional feedback loop where teachers can gather and dispense feedback regarding students’ understanding before, during and after lessons (e.g. through polls and quizzes). Such feedback will greatly bring about more effective and self-directed learning.