Basia Nowacki

Yoga & Meditation Teacher - passionate about helping people create their own practice

"Basia is a yoga and meditation teacher, known for her down to earth gentleness, warm and calming spirit. She teaches balance, integration, and staying connected to your essential nature. Through her teaching she inspires acceptance of self and 'What Is'. Basia studied classical yoga with Michael de Manincor at the Yoga Institute in the Krishnamacharya tradition. She currently teaches at Billabong Retreat and offers private yoga & meditation sessions"

My own reflection... Working at a yoga retreat centre, teaching roughly 30 new people each week, I get to really see how powerful yoga is in transforming a person's state in such a short time. After one class I see people softening, connecting, slowing down, and even becoming nicer and more loving people. It showed me that at our core we are all love but life can make us build an armour around ourselves and lose that connection. Yoga reconnects you to your true essence and strips away things that no longer serve you.

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