Barry Myers

Debt-Free Financial Counselor, Author and Speaker

Barry Myers is a financial counselor, author and speaker who aims to provide practical, real-world solutions to positively impact people where it often matters most – their pocketbooks. His approach looks beyond the simple math of personal finance to place the focus on the behavior that drives financial choices. Using proven principles and old fashioned common sense, Barry helps people to get out of debt, save for short- and long-term goals and set good priorities with their money.

Barry holds an M.B.A., along with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting. He is the author of From Debtor to Better: The Details of Debt and How to Get Out, as well as the husband half of the team behind the popular frugal living website, Stacy Makes Cents. Barry is a regular speaker at conferences, workshops and other events, and also offers one-on-one financial counsel.