Balint Groll

IT Engineer

I'm an IT engineer with a master degree in computer sciences using mathematical principles like probability and statistics for gaining an edge on online bookmakers. I've been in the sports betting markets for more than 10 years now earning a decent second income besides my primary job.

I was starting with spread betting back in the early 2000s, and applying arbitrage softwares to identify price differences between bookmakers to profit from them. Later on I joined, and I'm working now as sports scout - an agent that sits in the stadiums and reports from sports events live to bookmakers, so you can imagine I know some insider trips and tricks from the live sports betting world which I'm happy to share with my students.

In my courses I share the most important principles that I use as well every day in order to withdraw money at the end of each month. I'm sharing real life examples with very specific, step by step explanations, so anyone without any solid background can follow and profit from them.

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