Hi there, I have been an investor and trader for the past 8 years and went through a number of ups and down cycles. I can confidently say that my investment strategies have withstood the test of the market and of time.

All of my strategies are beginner friendly as I have made them so that they can generate a profit without much hassle and problems. All the strategies are for the average investor to gain outstanding results better than professional investment firms or banks.

When I first started out, I was puzzled and seeking for knowledge as well, and throughout the years, I have gathered a whole set of skills to generate returns for the average person and yet have super outstanding results. I was not convinced that the best investment strategies can only be used by the best investors and found outstanding returns based on just little small me!

My investment strategies are also friendly on the retail investor as I have been investing and trading for myself. I try as much as possible to reduce commissions and leave as much for the retail investor who is starting out!

Feel free to attend any of my courses and I will answer any questions and impart my investment knowledge to you.

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