Bahadır Yerdelen

Indie game developer

Bahadir Yerdelen is the owner of PLAYMOB Studios which is specialised on mobile apps and developing games for more than five years.

Before the rise of mobile platforms, he was developing custom programs in Visual Studiofor small companies but right after IOS market was opened, he started to create small scale indie games for IOS platforms. He mastered Unity3D game development environment and continued his way with a larger scale including web, mobile and computer programs-games. In 2010, he created PLAYMOB and started to develop games for other mobile game companies. He was the developer of IOS weapon building app : Gun Builder Elite, which still has huge success.

In 2012, he started to make agreements to outsource graphic elements from different designers which brought the Europe's most downloaded quiz series: Football Logos Quiz, Football Players Quiz, Football Legends Quiz.

He created many first person shooting games such as Silver Bullet:

Call of the Zombie Sbombers:

He has developed many titles such as puzzle games, helicopter simulations, turret defence games etc. and still continues to develop games under his company and work as a freelance Unity expert.

Please visit PLAYMOB website to check the games and contact us