Apple Eativity

Thai Cooking Chef

Hello and welcome all,

My name is Apple and I am a cofounder of Eativity.  I was born in Bangkok and have been living in Thailand since then.  I grew up hanging around in the kitchen, learning how to cook Thai Food with my mom so can you guess where "Cook, Play, Eat with your loved ones come from?^^

I really adore Thai Food and there are lots of Tips and Techniques in cooking Thai Food to be share, so I feel so honored to be the one who share those precious knowledges that have been handed down from generation to generation to you all.  My style of cooking is not only delicious but it has to be fun and easy too.  So don't  worry and trust me that you can do it!  

I wish you all have a wonderful time cooking Thai Food with Eativity! and Let's me know if I can be any of assistance.  

Wish you all Have a Wonderful Day!

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