Azariyart- Lessons and Walkthroughs

Digital Art Instructor


I have done multiple projects for major Companies, small and Startup, spanning from Architectural to mobile. I was Lead illustrator and team leader in Samsung during the launch of the Galaxy Note 2 and S3. I demonstrated the artistic capabilities of the handset. I also served in the print industry as head of department at E-group where I managed the floor, trained juniors including maintaining and setting up various print jobs. We tackled projects pertaining Multichoice, Glade air fresheners and Super M drinks including D2D Containers. I have been present on various image editing projects such as Parmalat and Mantra fasion. I have done book cover designs (BURNING DESIRE; YOUNG LIFE 101) for various authors.


MY career has included the rendering of services at Adobe where I served as the educator and overseer regarding the students/ Candidates portfolios. I have also done voluntary at BMF as a facilitator for Lebone school which was under threat of closing down had the pass rate dropped even further. I was also on the roster of Lecturers at the Artshub Institute and Damelin where I taught Graphics and animation, resulting in 99% of the Learners completing successfully and 25% of them qualifying for Bursaries. I have trained and equipped novices sent by companies from Botswana, Zambia and Nigeria, their skills were honed and upon completion they returned home as leaders in their respective digital art and design fields.


Organic/Hard surface modeling Stylized/Realistic Heavily sculpted/ simple shapes Matching exact concept art & Create without concept


Low res models in Maya Correct placement of mesh for deformations Skinning / Rigging High res model detail in Zbrush Shader development