Azar Udeen

Developer and blogger

I am azar a developer, blogger as well as domainer. I have good knowledge in affiliate market, domaining, blogging. i always make way to newbies and pro marketers. Our goal is to see a result from a newbie marker's and blogger's

Teaching dollar business secret is really make has happy to see the result and blessing from the student's. As a developer i have created many application related to telemetry and data serving after a few years i have only few thousand bucks in account. So i decided to start some other business to take care of my family with some decent incomes. Affiliate marketing is only my hope, after a few month hard work, i got really decent subscriber list and good reputation from affiliate company. so Now i am making around $12k per month only from affiliate marketing and also i hosted three blog's with more than 22,000 Subscriber's. As well as domaining is also my part-time work, i just started domaining a year back, first i don't know how to invest in domain. i bought 100+ domains only by cache words it approximately cost about $1000. You know i just only sold 3 to 4 domains from that list that too not more then $50 each. A great loss, know one is interested to teach me, i joined in many forum and asked some question to pro domainer to increase the sales. Really no one helped me. At last a three month's before i got a hook and bought 250 domains for $2000 you know i sold 3/4 of the domain in last two month with approx profit of $26,000. So i interested to share this information with you guys