Ayodeji Adeniji

Computer Engineer, B.Eng

I have a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from a prestigious private college. It was a five year college program. I have been fixing computers for clients for the past five years and have vast experience in fixing all types of PC problems. These include:

- Virus removal

- Re-installing Windows

- Data recovery from failing hard drives

- Upgrading computer components such as the hard disk and RAM

- Laptop screen replacement

- Custom built computers

- Replacing components such as the keyboard

- Fixing Blue Screen of Death

- Remote computer repairs over the internet

-And many others!

Students are also welcome to ask questions on any topic they may need help with.

By taking this course, you are sure to learn by following the short and easy-to-follow videos the necessary steps you can take to make your Windows computer run faster. Some of the things we will be covering in the course include:

- Not clicking on links or opening attachments you are not expecting

- Increasing your system memory

- Installing a solid state drive

- Re-installing Windows

- And many others!

The course assumes no prior knowledge and is spoken in plain English, avoiding the use of technical jargon. All you have to do is watch the video and repeat the same steps on your computer. You could always pause the video or rewind if you miss something.

Cheers to a faster computer by the time you are done with the course!

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