Ayaz Malik

Marketing Director at Designzzz

I'm a web marketing strategist, an accomplished blogger and a coding ninja. I've been earning a living through my blog Designzzz where I've been posting articles related to web design and development, branding and marketing on the web, and web zeitgeist. Digital media marketing is a major part of blogging and that's how I decided to get down and dirty in social media marketing as well as content marketing.Even before marketing and blogging, I've been hand-coding full-fledged content management systems and web based applications.

Social Media Marketing: breaking algorithms, ad-free branding campaigns, official account handling.Lead Generation: have been generating leads and actions via Facebook and Twitter for nearly three years. Received nearly 100,000 sign ups.

Campaign Management: have devised supremely successful campaigns worth over $30,000 on Facebook and Google Adwords.

Content Marketing: have written over 500 articles that received more than 10 million views.


WordPress/PHP: Developed tens of WP themes, developed one of the first drag-and-drop based WYSIWYG widgets for WordPress. Have programmed countless web applications using PHP including an image hosting service, an art community, an image optimization tool and many others.

HTML5/CSS4: Thanks to blogging, I stay up-to-date with the very latest stuff in the market. I have been experimenting HTML6 with Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks.Mobile Applications: developing mobile apps now. My first android app ever has nearly 50,000 users.

Blogger: My blog is my bread and butter. Have been earning a decent living through it for nearly 8 years now. For details, please visit Designzzz

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