Ayaz Muhammad

Entrepreneur and Motivator with expertise in Meditation, Business Management and Human Psychology

Problem Solver by nature, I am always looking for quick, fun and efficient ways to solve problems. I love to see fellow human beings make progress in their lives and create a future that is better than their present. I love to motivate people to take inspired steps to improve their lifestyle. My areas of interest and expertise are

-       Entrepreneurship

-       Money Management

-       Languages

-       Success and Motivation

-       Value Creation

-       Life Management

I have 8 years’ experience in applied meditation with spiritualists and mystics, 5 years’ experience in helping individuals and organizations manage business and finance and helping job seekers build a better portfolio.

I am an avid language learner. I am learning French, Arabic and Deutsch. In my spare time, I help students prepare for IELTS and learn Arabic and English in non-traditional yet successful ways.

My courses are designed to guide the students in simple ways to make learning an easy task for them. Feel free to contact me if you have any question related to any of my courses. I will be glad to help you.