Austin Chan

Athlete, Learner, Fearless

Austin Chan

Athlete & Runner & Learner & Fearless

My name is Austin Chan, I am ecstatic that you have time to read this and are interested in my life in general. I teach courses mainly on my own niche topics and what I am interested about, I might not be an expert in some of the courses I teach but I try my best to differentiate myself from the other instructors. 

I am focusing on my running and my studies as of right now. When I am not teaching or doing anything I am passionate about I go and socialize. I run a website about being confident in one whole year. All I want in life is to be the best person I could be, whether that would be teaching others also, anything that makes me a better person. 

I hope my lessons and courses peak your interest! 

See you in class. 

Austin Chan

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