Aurimas Mikalauskas

Systems Architect and Tutor

Hi. I'm Aurimas. For over 15 years I have been working with Linux based systems with extremely high durability, scalability and performance requirements. It's about time I share what I know, so others can do too! After all, thousands of companies are looking to hire such experts and are ready to pay six figures just to have them join.

I have started hacking Linux systems when I was 14 and loved it so much, I decided then and there I want to build my entire career doing it. At 15, while still at high school, I was hired to work as systems administrator. 7 years and 3 jobs later, I joined Percona - largest independent MySQL and MongoDB consultancy company - to work as an architect of highly scalable systems.

I am still with Percona, for over 8 years now, but after all these years I realised that while I know so much, I'm sharing so little. Boy do I have a lot to share - I never stopped learning and solving more and more challenging problems.

So I'm really excited to have taken this opportunity to help other people learn how to build and set up fast, secure heavy-duty websites and web apps. And maybe even help them start a new career!