Ashton Burchfield

Critical Thinking, Charisma, and English Coach. Editor.

Ashton Burchfield is an award winning professional Editor and English Coach. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he has taught English in Italy, China, and the U.S.A. and is a published writer and poet.

Ashton graduated from Vanderbilt University with majors in English and Philosophy and a minor in Italian. He also studied public speaking, entrepreneurship, and history. At Vanderbilt, he received the C. Maxwell Lancaster Award for excellence in Italian. There, he was co-founder and President of Vanderbilt Parkour and participated in multiple acting and arts presentations. Beyond his studies and work in the United States, he has lived and taught in Siena, Italy and Chengdu, China.

He has worked as a cultural instructor and social coach, a contract book editor, business communications editor, an online University course editor, a college counselor, an English teacher of many levels, an American History teacher, and a commercial actor.

He has years of community service experience and an active passion for self-improvement. His favorite skills to teach are critical thinking and charisma.

He is a firm believer that all hard work now changes and prepares you for success later.

Much of life culminates in moments of great challenge and reward. Prepare now, so when these opportunities come calling, you can navigate them with mastery and ease.