Ashay Javadekar


I have been making for the last 6 years and have made six short films, including live action, commercials and animation. I have successfully shown my films in various film festivals around the world including Cannes Film Festival, and also have published them online. In doing so, I have learnt a wealth of techniques of presenting films on various digital platforms with highest quality and viewing experience, with easily available tools. I have created this course to share the knowledge I gained during making films on how to create subtitles. I have published all of my live action films online with subtitles in various language, and this is a course to let you know how I achieved that with easily accessible resources to anyone.

My educational qualifications include MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Delaware. I work in the energy sector to make clean energy products. With background in engineering, I can focus on filmmaking with a mathematical and methodical approach which helps tremendously to come up technically sound product every time.

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