Asha Kirkby

Inline Skate Instructor

Asha is Founder and Principle Instructor at Skatefresh Skate School in the UK and now globally online. She was an ex-figure skater and now is a full time skating instructor on inlines and quads. Asha has been an instructor trainer since 2004 and is one of the most active certifying examiners in the world (certifying hundreds of new instructors in the last 13 years).

Asha's teaching style is very clear and direct, with 'informed practice' being a goal and fail safe method of improving. She can break down any skill into its constituent parts and build it up with you achieving each phase. She coaches key principles and applies those to each move, be it speed, turns, stops, or her specialities of backwards and dance.

In 2015 Asha was 'Head of Coaching' on Disney's Teen Drama 'Soy Luna' coaching all the actors. In 2009 Asha was featured in the BBC series 'Skate Nation' as a judge and coach. She has been featured in many articles on skating including; The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Health and Fitness, Slimmer's World, The Evening Standard.

Asha speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and teaches in Spain and Brazil several times each year. She practices Bikram yoga and is a qualified Shiatsu therapist and she is a lover of healthy fresh food (preferably prepared in a Vitamix). She lives in Brighton and Rio de Janeiro.

Instagram: SkatefreshAsha

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