Arthur Badasian

Web developer based in New York

I am New York City based web developer and Search engine optimization specialist. The first time I built a website in 1999, first business logo in 1993. Computers was very slow Windows did not exist and many functions was handled manually in late 80's. We all dreamed about new graphic softwares to help us make beautiful designs. As a creative person I was always looking forward to new technology and newer hesitated when new design software became available on the market. I started learning graphic software and offered services to my clients. From creating corporate logo types to designing stationaries for business in CorelDrow. When Photoshop first came out, every professional bodies start using it. It was so exciting to combine together color images with text and create fresh designs for brochures and flyers. It was not possible before that. And I didn't stop there. In the late 90's I started to learn how to build websites. It was not easy to find any information on how to write HTML codes, find hosting company etc., Internet was not as big as today, but many people have already been using it and in yearly in the new millennium many small business started to order websites and this idea became very popular. I slowly moved to new business. Few years later I had an a epiphany. What's the point of creating websites if no body sees them? I needed to find solutions and learn more. I was looking for any available information online about website promotion. Of cause not many helpful tips were found. As I sad before, Internet was not big as now. This days we can use social media for website promotion and many other free helpful tools available to us. I was creating many good looking websites for my clients but what's the point if nobody can see it online. Not many of my customers were aware of SEO techniques. Besides SEO services was and still expansive. I was looking forward to new technology. And I started to learn search engine optimization. I understood that website structure involved in SEO very quickly and I needed to build something more than just HTML website. In 2005 I started using content management system for every new website. My clients requested "back office" so they can Log in and add or edit some information on there websites. To tell you the truth, I don't remember if any of them did so. Using admin panels was kind of complicated, not easy to use and almost no support from developers company. Two years later, I found Wordpress and I have been using it ever since. Wordpress was a blogging platform in the beginning. Most professional Internet marketers are still using it and will use it in the future. The Internet is constantly changing, there are always new ways to build websites and promote them. At that time I found 3 content management systems and chose Wordpress over other platforms. Wordpress is a open sources software, Wordpress is easy to install and edit. Because Wordpress is an open source, many web programmers started creating all kinds of plugins and share them for free.

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