Mr. Arman Ayva

photographer, blogger, web designer, social person


My name is Arman, I am from Montreal.

I am a professional business analyst working at the bank. But I am also serious hobbyist photographer, designer and web developer and a social network expert. 

I started photography in summer 2014.  My first camera was my iPhone 4s for couple of months, today I mostly use Canon 6d and still do mobile photography. In two years I took more than 100K images, 2.5K are published in different places  on the internet. I gained thousands of followers in all popular social platforms. I have learned almost everything about Photography up to advanced level.  Hope my pictures will not allow to lie about it:). I build and maintain my own website. I became a contributor for Stock companies, such as Alamy, GettyImages and others, although today I took all my images out of market and made them available for public use under Creative commons license. I am also contributor to National Geographic community Your Shot, were been shortlisted few times. I hate photo contests and don’t participate. To me Photography is too personal and subjective, no one can judge objectively.

Today I feel completely conformable and ready to act as an expert who can share the knowledge with you. I don’t want you to take my words for good, I want you to check my work and, if you like it, ask yourself a question “does this guy have something to teach me?”.

Certainly I still have tonnes of stuff to learn myself. I promise to share on upcoming lessons all my knowledge; current and future.

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