Arjie Belhot

'A College Instructor and a 51Talk ESL Teacher'

I have been teaching in college since 2013 in La Salle University - Ozamiz, the institution where I took AB - Communication. It only seems like yesterday that I started, but things have changed a lot after.

Every day is different and it is never boring! I love teaching but it was hard for me at first, you know the difference when you're just listening, like a student from you talking, as a teacher. Knowing the fact that every student has their own characteristics and dealing with them is indeed a challenge. Thanks to 51Talk, an online ESL school in China, to which I am currently involved with, I learned to be patient and be able to manage my class well.

I was awarded as an OUTSTANDING faculty for the last two years and had won several competitions like film making, directing and writing.

More than anything though, it is the success of every child in this school that makes my job a rewarding one.

Since I am very passionate about the world of broadcasting, I have also worked as a Radio DJ in a local station in the city.

And finally, when I am not at school….. I enjoy travelling, photography and spending time with my family.