Arik Marmorstein

Founded and own a crowdfunding platform.

I'm Arik Marmorstein, the founder and CEO of Mimoona (dot co dot il) a leading Israeli reward-based crowdfunding platform, and the creator of the first crowdfunding bot (featured on VentureBeat). I personally helped (actually talked to most of them) thousands of people raise millions on my site. I know well how crowdfunders think and feel before, during and after the campaign, I can speak "their language". 

This knowledge helped me build SonyaBot, the first crowdfunding consultant bot who gives you daily marketing tasks that get you funded, it got more than 15K messages so far and is endorsed and recommended by other platforms. 

I lecture and mentor about crowdfunding in universities, startup accelerators, law firms and more, and I also write about it on Medium, VentureBeat and more. People who have been in my intensive crowdfunding workshop rated it 9-10. 

I LOVE what I do. 

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