Arianna Opper, D.O., Mind-Body Coach

Founder of the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing

Arianna Opper, D.O. is a Mind-Body coach who assists those struggling with pain, anxiety, autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions, guiding them along the path of healing. From a young age, Arianna has held a profound interest in the way the human body functions, becomes diseased and heals. Just before beginning medical school, she lost her mother to cancer. While caring for and battling alongside her mother, Arianna had developed several chronic medical conditions herself and began to worry that she had been destined for a life of pain and illness. After healing herself through implementing mind-body principles and tools, she has dedicated herself to empowering others to do the same. After graduating medical school, she consciously chose not to practice medicine, as she felt called to continue sharing Mind-Body healing with AAMBH clients and students around the world. She founded the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™, an online academy that offers self-study programs designed to empower others to realize their own innate healing power through the Mind-Body connection. Please note that Arianna is not a licensed physician and does not give medical advice.

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