Ari Sytner, M.Ed, LMSW

Inspiration + Education = Results!

Dedicated to optimism, inspiration and success, Ari focuses on how elevate our personal and professional lives. With over 20 years in the field of education, Ari has the experience and credentials to uplift his students. He holds a BA is Psychology, a Masters Degree in Education, a Masters in Social Work and is currently pursuing a PhD.

As the founder and CEO of Ed-Tech Hq, Ari stresses the importance of successful integration of technology, education, and real human relationships. He consults for organizations around the country, helping to inspire leadership and strategic collaboration. Whether teaching a Udemy course, writing books, online articles or delivering motivational presentations, Ari fuses humor, wisdom and empirical research to help educate and inspire his audiences with practical, engaging and useful information.

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