Archana Bhadoria

Vedic Maths Instructor

Dr. Archana is a veterinarian who chose to teach Mathematics. She believes that Maths is not as difficult as it seems, mainly due to the lack of concepts being clarified. The conventional approach made the task difficult to comprehend as the fear got heightened when students practiced any calculation method without understanding why it was being done. This made her search alternatives to conventional approach. She taught herself and then realising how it can revolutionize the learning she has been teaching it to her students. Her students have always made her proud by responding positively and their smiling faces are her real returns.

She has been teaching Vedic Maths to her students locally for past 6 years and there is no age bar for learning. She keeps updating the course material with extras to make the course clear and updated.She loves to see the fear of Maths erase out of the minds of her students

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