Antonio Cheeks

Leadership Development Specialist

Antonio Cheeks is a leadership development specialist working to make leadership healthy. His focus is on a leader's passion, quality of life and impact in the marketplace. Using tried and true principles that transcend industry, Antonio has a proven track record that reflects his ability to turn around low-performing teams, improve morale, build confidence in leadership teams, and increase company revenue. Antonio describes his style of training as “edutainment” because participants are educated through interactive and engaging activities and discussions.

Antonio’s career began in the mid-1990s as a corporate sales trainer for a major telecommunications company. After a major downsizing, he gravitated to the fitness industry where he rose through the ranks doing every task imaginable – from cleaning locker rooms and equipment to sales to personal training to management – ultimately, Antonio was invited to join the faculty training team for a leading fitness company. In this role, he provided corporate training to fitness and sales professionals, in both classroom and one-on-one sessions, and helped them prepare and deliver wellness and personal development strategies that would engage and inspire their clients. It was in this position that Antonio began to develop his own personal development philosophy and he later became a certified life coach to help others reach a breakthrough in their lives.

He uses personal life lessons, management experiences, challenges, and success stories to inspire and give hope to others. Antonio primarily works with leaders in four key areas: wellness, sales, public speaking, and self-leadership. He is on a mission to help leaders harness their most valuable resource: human energy. Antonio is the author of the book “Not Another Workout” and he is currently working on the second edition of this life-changing resource. He has been featured in several media outlets, including Voice of America TV, The Washington Post and ABC News Channel 8 Sports Talk with Glenn Harris.

"Working to make leadership healthy" Antonio Cheeks

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