Antonio Adams

Founder/CEO of Village Scholarships

Currently I am a student at Metro State University, and I learned the spirit of service at an early age helping my mother administer corporate volunteer programs and watching my father spend innumerable hours as a volunteer coach helping young athletes earn basketball scholarships. These examples taught me two key points: one person can make a difference, and scholarships play a crucial role in obtaining a college education.

As an out of the box thinker, I utilize my charismatic personality and entrepreneurial spirit to lead and build VS. I maintained a 4.036 GPA and received my school's first ever TouchStone[rcs1] award (Highest rated student/community member voted by students, faculty and staff), one of the most prestigious awards offered at George Washington High School. As a collegiate journeyman, I traveled from coast to coast pursuing a dream of basketball stardom before suffering two season-ending injuries in my sophomore & junior year Disappointment coupled with throbbing motivation to find tuition funding lead to the creation of VS. Even though Village Scholarships won't help me, I am driven to assist the countless others seeking financial aid.

I bring seven years’ experience as an entrepreneur, having successfully started a yard maintenance business[rcs2] at the age of 16 years old. I was recruited out of high school by Stanford University, the Air Force Academy, Dartmouth College, Brown University[rcs3] and a few other prestigious colleges known for athletics. For the past few years, I have networked, negotiated and persuadede hundreds of potential clients and partners from students across the USA to high level executives of national organizations about the mission of Village Scholarships. I believe I am the right candidate to lead this start up.

Growing up in a family that has focused in giving back of their time, money and energy in various charitable causes has instilled in me a desire to positively impact the lives of a billion people before I die. Helping a student pay for their college education now not only lightens the burden on the student and their family today; but increases the opportunities of that student tomorrow. Now, college may not be the right option for everyone; however, no one in our country should be denied the opportunity of a higher education due to financial challenges. I believe that Village Scholarships is a revolutionary concept that democratizes philanthropy and scholarships. It allows even a small donation from the common man to grow and make a huge difference in the life of a student. This project creates opportunities for everyone, not just the financially endowed, academically gifted or athletically inclined to receive funding toward their college education.