Anthony Lealand

Firework Professionals

I started my fireworks company in the 1970s after working in the Physics Department in the University of Canterbury for over 12 years. My company covers all aspects of pyrotechnics: creating both indoor and outdoor firework shows; manufacturing indoor pyrotechnics and outdoor shells; importing big fireworks; creation of fireworks choreography - including matching to live music; special effects for film and television; training for Approved Handlers.

My company, Firework Professionals, is renowned for its choreography across the South Pacific and has represented New Zealand at international competitions in China and Europe.

I travel to the International Pyrotechnics Society's Conferences, held in the United States and around the world, and I was invited to present a paper at the 11th International Symposium of Fireworks in Mexico.

In New Zealand, my extensive knowledge of the industry and the technical side led to my being commissioned to provide the basis of the EPA Code of Practice in 2008. I was also invited to become one of the first test certifiers under the new regulations.

In addition, I have also used my expertise to import Nxburst (electrically fired self contained gas producing devices that break rock or concrete using gas pressure) and training people in its use.

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