Anthony Klatch

Former Hedge Fund Manager, Author, Stock Market Analyst, MBA

Mr. Anthony J. Klatch II was born in Hazleton, PA, and was classified as a genius at the age of five years old by scoring 174 IQ on the Wechsler Intelligence scale. At the age of 22 he was given the Wonderlic Test of personality/intelligence, and he scored at 47 out of 50. His parents were both academics, and his father taught English and French for nearly thirty years, which fueled a drive for writing.

Up until 2011, Mr. Klatch had a well respected reputation as a seasoned financial manager providing invaluable insight to all aspects of hedge fund management including: portfolio management; risk control; and asset allocation related to various fund product offerings and corporate institutional mandates. He has been recognized as a talented manager with an exceptional track record for increasing the performance of funds through the use of a wide range of sophisticated quantitative analysis techniques that Mr. Klatch refined after mentoring with a hedge fund billionaire for several years.

As a testament to Mr. Klatch’s success in the financial industry, he has acted as an experienced hedge fund manager with an impressive background in both corporate operations and marketing, Mr. Klatch has managed and served as an advisor for several hedge funds, including TheOpenFund L.P., ACT Capital management, LLC, ARM Capital Partners, LP, GlobalFunds Capital Management LLC, TASK Capital Partners, LP, and Vigilant Capital Management, LLC. His work as a skilled hedge fund manager has been duly noticed by a number of prestigious institutions. In 2006, he received honors in Trader Monthly Magazine for his stellar performance as both a fund manager and corporate risk management professional as one of the top 30 traders in the country.

In addition to his expertise in risk management, fund marketing, and financial oversight, Mr. Klatch is also a successful entrepreneur and start-up professional. In addition to starting several large-scale hedge funds, Mr. Klatch also designed innovative software systems that dramatically improved his financial performance. He is also Co-founder and Managing Partner of an e-business IT integration firm that served Fortune 100 and 500 clients such as Oracle Inc., Nastech Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, AT&T, Lucent, and Cisco Systems Inc. He also started two separate e-businesses based upon secure cloud infrastructure – where he continues to serve as a Senior Founding Board Member and Managing Partner.

Mr. Klatch’s cross-functional expertise in both financial management and technology has its foundations in his dual educational credentials. Mr. Klatch was educated in the MBA program in Project Management from Lehigh University, recognized as one of the top five MBA providers in the country. He also earned a B.S. in Information and Systems Engineering in addition to an Honors Degree in the prestigious Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program from Lehigh University.