Anthony Laye

Entertainer - Speaker - MC

Anthony Laye is one of the world's leading mentalists as well as a corporate speaker and entrepreneur. Anthony is constantly performing either on cruise ships or at corporate events. His unique and innovative style of entertainment has helped him appear on many Australian TV shows, and he was a regular guest on Channel 10's morning show 'Studio10'. In 2012 Anthony was cast to perform in the world's biggest touring magic show 'The Illusionists' during its Australian tour.

Anthony received constant requests from audiences and corporate companies to teach his skills, so he developed a keynote presentation called 'Unspoken Influence - A 5 step formula to know what people are thinking' which he regularly performs for companies all around Australia helping them better understand themselves, their clients and their colleagues. This new avenue Anthony has embarked on has had a profound impact on him, he never expected people to be so fascinated and intrigued by the information he was sharing. Anthony now wants to share his knowledge and experience to help you get more out of every day and truly engage with your life.

Anthony's knowledge is not only study and research based it is also tried and tested in the real world getting interactive with people. Ever since he started work (originally as a carpenter) Anthony has had his own businesses, which has meant constantly dealing with people and having to win them over fast to ensure success. Originally born in the UK in 2009 Anthony moved to Australia where he knew only a few people, he relied heavily on his people skills to form new friendships and build a career in entertainment as someone who at the time was 'unknown'. For the last 6 years he has been a full time entertainer and public speaker, quickly rising as one of the most requested and booked acts in Australia, performing over 150 live shows a year. This task has not been easy but using his people skills and a desire to succeed he is continuing to grow.

You can find out more about Anthony and his show by checking out his website, or check out his YouTube channel to see him in action.

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