Anshul Soni

Game developer

I am a student of game development, I am pursuing my Btech in game programming. I have worked on two games which are based on unity engine. One of them is a IOS game which is out on app store and other one is a pc game which was 1st runner up in "square enix game development contest". I am an indie developer and love be the same. As I learnt unity I thought it would we good to share my knowledge with others. I have been doing game programming since 2010, and worked mostly on unity. I was fascinated by programming since childhood and my love of games and fascination of programming brought me where I am today. I always knew programming for a game is not a easy thing but what in this world is easy anyways. I aspire to be a AI programmer and work on virtual gaming with all the ideas I have in my mind Other things about me, I am from India, love to play games, love music and love to play guitar in my spare time.

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