Ansh J

Screenwriter / Aspiring Author / Storyteller

"Every Secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written largely in his works" - Virginia Woolf
The above quote by Virginia Woolf perfectly explicates, what a writer is, in reality. This very energy, which the masses call as 'Creativity' rests within his / her heart and this alone, guides him / her to set an example in this expansive cosmos of writing and literature.
  Hi, my name is Ansh J. and like all other souls out there, I too have a secret to tell. The secret of enunciating as a writer. The secret of ushering my readers / learners, escape their realities and be fascinated by what I call 'the works of self-expression'

Having graduated as an Animation student, I soon realized that this not who I am, and before it got all late, I decided not to get sidelined and pursue what really interests and intrigues me.

- My first step introduced me to Screenplay Writing and slowly through it, I plunged deeper into the movie world and made it my second home. 
- Now, gradually I am moving towards my third step that involves, studying the ins and outs of being an author.

But wait? .. What about the Second Step?? 

It is time to switch onto that, which is imparting my learning of Screenwriting to all aspiring people, who like me, have a dream of writing a High Concept Screenplay.

With that note, I welcome you to my Study on Screenwriting called, The Screenwriting Forest Pro, here on Udemy.
   I am sure like me, you too have a burning desire to create fantastic Stories and this Course, will help you achieve that.

This is Ansh J. and together, let's give our world, some amazingly beautiful stories :)

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