Ansel Gough

Bestselling Author

10 years ago I quit my job when I launched my first blog and membership site. What an exciting time that was. From that point on I've been able to travel and work from my home office. My entire income comes from cash flow generated from a number of blogs!

After experimenting with different online business models and marketing, I always come back to blogs & membership sites. They're fun to create, they sell well and they provide stable cash flow. I like to collect cash flow assets and blogs are the perfect addition.

Throughout this process I was fortunate enough to write an Amazon bestseller called “Start A Paid Membership Site". I've since coined the terms “Harvest Blogs" and “Platform Blogs."

To this day, blogs are one of the most effective ways I've found to generate income for myself and family, giving complete time freedom to either travel or just stay at home

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